What's new

Nov 2022

  • 🐞 Fixed bug with incorrect default value for curve_format for Timeseries Chart
  • ✨ Added new Timeseries Chart component for visualizing timeseries data
  • ✨ Added more customisation options for data visualization / chart components
  • ✨ Added vertical / horizontal margin and column spacing options to Row and Section components
  • ✨ / 🐞 New Vertical Spacer component introduced to address bugs with Spacer component in multi-page reports
  • 🐞 Fixed bug with Table component not accepting integers and floats as cell values for headings and rows.
  • 📦 v1 release of our NodeJS SDK with TypeScript, ESM and CommonJS support.

Oct 2022

  • ✨ New cell level control and column span features available in the Table component.
  • ✨ New grouped bars option available for Bar chart (v2) component.

Sept 2022

  • ✨ Powerful instant search now available throughout Hybiscus documentation.
  • Cloud Editor now saves your schema to your local storage, allowing you to carry on from where you left off in the same browser after closing tabs. A 'Reset to default schema' is also available in the right-click context menu.
  • ✨ Ability to disable the information header at the top of PDFs. See Customising report
  • ✨ Support for creating landscape PDFs is now generally available. See Customising report for more details.

Aug 2022

  • ✨ Support for pagination on multi-page PDF reports

July 2022

  • ✨ Launch of the new Hybiscus Docs and Blog sites
  • ✨ Added horizontal and vertical margin options to the Image, Table and Text components.
  • ✨ Added extensive new layout and configuration options to Text, Table and Row components.
  • ✨ Added text sizing, text colour, background colour, rounding, etc. options to Image component
  • ✨ Added text sizing, text colour and background colour options to the Text component
  • ✨ Added markdown support to the Image component

May 2022

  • ✨ Added support for the width key to the Section component to support placing them inside a Row
  • 🐛 Fixed bugs with the auto-generated Python code in the Cloud Editor
  • 🐛 Fixed bug with Cloud Editor not generating JPG previews via the keyboard shortcut

April 2022

  • ✨ Beta release of the Hybiscus ☁️ Cloud Editor that let's you design and develop PDFs directly in your browser. Try it out now and share feedback with team!

March 2022

  • ✨ New ProgressBar component for visualising progress in a process
  • ✨ Added option for caption in Image component
  • ✨ Users can now view their usage including quotas and links to download previously generated PDFs directly in the dashboard under the new Usage section.

January 2022

December 2021

November 2021

  • ✨ New PageBreak component added for multi-page PDF reports
  • ✨ New Spacer component added for vertical spacing
  • ✨ Support for providing a custom logo to use in place of the report title for premium plan users (Startup and Enterprise).
  • 🐛 Fixed issues with bold text and lists specified via Markdown not working in the Text component

October 2021

  • ✨ New API endpoint /api/v1/get-remaining-quota added to get details on remaining quota on demand
  • ✨ New headers added to /api/v1/build-mode (X-SINGLE-PAGE-REPORTS-REMAINING, X-MULTI-PAGE-REPORTS-REMAINING) response that provide details on remaining quota
  • ✨ New ScatterChart component added

Missing something?

Hybiscus is continuously improving and adding new features. If you think we are missing a critical feature, please do not hesitate to contact us and offer your feedback at info@hybiscus.dev