Vertical Spacer

The VerticalSpacer component is used to add vertical space within a report, and supports various values of space.

This component replaces the now deprecated Spacer component which exhibited bugs with multi-page reports. This new updated component also accepts a wider range of spacing values.

Example JSON

Below is an example of the JSON required to define a VerticalSpacer component:

    "type": "VerticalSpacer",
    "options": {
        "space": 4


spaceInteger. The amount of vertical space to add. Allowed values include 0.5 and any integer from 1 to 16 inclusive.

Although the configuration is near identical to the Spacer component, the spacing produced by this component is not identical to what would be seen with the Spacer component for the same space value. As a general rule, decrease the space value by 1 when using this component to get similar results.

Missing something?

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