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Hybiscus - May 2024 update

Improved theming support and better documentation with v1.16 release.

Hybiscus Dev team5/20/2024

Hybiscus has just shipped v1.16 of our API, which brings some great improvements to our themes, as well as its documentation.

New features

Color theme variables

We've renamed the color theme variables associated with backgrounds, to make it easier to understand their purpose. The new names are:

  • background renamed to background-muted
  • light-background renamed to background-default
  • background-faded renamed to background-subtle

For more details, please see the docs. The old names are still valid in the API, as we have introduced no breaking changes. Thus, both the new and old names can be used interchangeably.

Customise any color theme

Prior to v1.16 of the API, customising color themes was only possible with the default theme. This is now possible for any color theme.

Custom color theme variables

We have added support for 3 custom color theme variables. This means you can define your own colors, which can then be referenced inside components throughout your report.

Supporting British and US spelling of 'color'

We have added support for both the British and US spelling of 'color' in the API. This means, wherever the word color is used, it can be spelled as 'color' or 'colour' in the API. For example, the config key override_colour_theme can be spelled as override_color_theme as well.

Improved documentation

We've rewritten the documentation for theming, adding a dedicated page for customising themes with more detailed explanations. We've also improved the layout of themes list, to make it easier to visualise the color and typography themes, as well as the available variables.

Another great improvement we've added is anchor links to all headings in our documentation. This makes it easier to share specific sections of the documentation within your team, or to quickly navigate to a specific section.

We're always improving and shipping new features at Hybiscus, and customer feedback is at the center of our development process. If you have any feedback or suggestions, please reach out to us at