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SparkChart Line
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SparkChart Line

SparkCharts are a group of data visualization components intended for visualising trends in data, with less precision than ordinary data visualisation components.

The SparkChart Line component allows you to visualise a data trend using a line graph.

Example JSON

Below is an example of the JSON required to define the component:

    "type": "SparkChart.Line",
    "options": {
        "width": "1/3",
        "data": [67, 34, 23, 78, 23],
        "title": "135.7 K",
        "subtitle": "views this week",
        "perc_change": "-",
        "perc_diff": 57,
        "button_link": "",
        "button_text": "See more"


dataList of integers, corresponding to Y-values on the chart.
titleTypically used to show the latest numerical value from the data.
subtitleOften used to describe the value or provide units.


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