All of the API endpoints require authentication using an API key. To get your API key, first login to Hybiscus and then go the dashboard from the menu in the upper right corner. Then navigate to API keys where you can see your API keys. If you have not previously made one, you can generate one there also.

Hybiscus supports two authentication methods, either via a header in the HTTP request or via a query parameter in the URL.

Authentication via header

To authenticate via the header, pass in your API key using the header key X-API-KEY. An example using cURL is shown below:

curl --location --request GET '' \
--header 'X-API-KEY: RakhHiNTtu5pmJ3IK8R2bUkbHjx-wd_BniNj-iEhAhc' \

Authentication via query parameter

Authenticating via a query parameter is the easier way, particularly when you want to view your report in a browser via the get-report endpoint. To use this method, simply append your API key using the parameter api_key to your URL. An example is shown below:

curl --location --request GET '<<TASK_ID>>&api_key=RakhHiNTtu5pmJ3IK8R2bUkbHjx-wd_BniNj-iEhAhc'

Missing something?

Hybiscus is continuously improving and adding new features. If you think we are missing a critical feature, please do not hesitate to contact us and offer your feedback at